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MP Flowmax Series
MP Pumps Flo Max
  • Closed coupled to electric motor
  • Pumpak only to mount to standard nema “C” face motor
  • Flows-Up to 750 GPM
  • Pressures- Up to 225 Head FeetAvailable in cast iron and bronze
  • With or without electric motor
  • Impeller – cast iron, bronze, aluminum & stainless steel 
  • Shaft Sleeve – stainless steel
  • Fasteners – stainless steel
  • Seals- standard viton, optional seals available pressure lubricated double seals
MP ChemFlow
MP ChemFlo
  • Flows-Up to 270 GPM
  • Pressures- Up to 460 Head Feet
  • Applied in a wide range of pumping applications where stainless steel is required
  • With or without electic motor
  • Utilize an enclosed impeller designed for achieving higher heads and efficiencies than a standard semi-open impeller
  • Several mechanical seal options are available in addition to the standard type 2100 carbon / ceramic / Viton mechanical seal