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DynaSeal Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Dynaseal Liquid Ring Vacuum System Brochure

DynaSeal Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

We Stock Parts for Most Dynaseal Systems

Separators – In Stock
680-0910-A000 6800910A000
680-0910-C000 6800910C000
680-0915-A000 6800915A000
680-1215-A000 6801215A000
680-1215-C000 6801215C000
680-1215-A001 6801215A001
680-1215-C001 6801215C001
680-1220-A000 6801220A000
680-1220-C000 6801220C000
680-1915-A000 6801915A000
680-1915-C000 6801915C000
680-1924-A000 6801924A000
680-1924-C000 6801924C000
680-1936-A000 6801936A000
680-1936-C000 6801936C000
Travaini Oil – In Stock
Part Number5 GALPrice
 971-0022-A005 9710022A005 $264.90
 972-0100-A0059720100A005 $276.00
 972-0068-A005 9720068A005 $198.25
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Capacity Range Standards

15-1000 ACFM. Larger systems available upon request.
Low Noise Level
Unlike rotary screw vacuum pumps, which run at rotor speeds as high as 9000-rpm, DynaSeal systems operate at conservative speeds (1750rpm) resulting in low noise levels (75-80 dBA at 3-ft.) acceptable to the environment without the need for sound enclosures.
Minimal Maintenance
DynaSeal™ systems typically only require an oil change and replacement of discharge filter every 10,000 hours under normal operating conditions. No other maintenance is required except for periodic greasing of bearings.
Not affected by carry-over of soft solids or liquids
DynaSeal systems can handle carry-over of soft solids and liquids without damage to the system components. We do however recommend to install an inlet filter/strainer or knock-out pot in those applications where a high carry-over of either solids or liquids is expected.
Designed for continuous operation
DynaSeal systems are designed for continuous operation over the full vacuum range without overheating.
Automatic Temperature Control
Prevents low temperature operation, reduces accumulation of water and other liquids in the reservoir and decreases the risk of bacteria growth. This optional feature is very important in hospital and other intermittent duty applications.
Quality Control
DynaSeal systems are a “proven design”. Combine this with our inline quality procedures and outgoing inspection, this provides you with the leading quality in the industry.
Custom Solutions
DynaSeal systems can be provided in single or multiple system configurations with programmable controllers to meet your specific requirements. Explosion proof designs for those stringent environments. Wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper, etc.

We stock all bearings, gaskets and
mechanical seals to rebuild pumps.

TRO 075VM-1A
TRO 075S-1A
TRO 110VM-1A
TRO 110V-1A
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TRO 160V-1A
TRO 200V-1A
TRO 300V-1A
TRO 400S-1A
TRO 500S-1A
TRO 700S-1A
TRO 900S-1A
TRO 1000S-1A