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Vacuum Relief Valves

VR Series

Used in systems to maintain a desired vacuum level, these valves are proportional relief valves, not pop-type safety valves. They are not preset at the factory, but rather made in the field with the knurled adjustment screw, then locked in with the jam nut.

VR Series Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Construction: brass body, stainless steel springs
  • Poppets: VR25 uses stainless steel, VR38 and VR75 use nylon with Nitril seals, VR10 uses brass with fluorocarbon seal
  • Maximum Temperature: 250º F 
VR Series Vacuum Relief Valve Table

NVR Series

For use as a vacuum breaker on low-pressure tanks, steam vessels and other vacuum equipment subject to damage for atmospheric pressure, the unique design can adjust for variations within the specified preset range. We can accommodate special requests for custom ranges and Teflon™ seats for tight shut-off.

NVR Series Vacuum Relief Valve
  • 3 Sizes: 2”, 2 1⁄2”, 3”  
  • High Flow, Low Pressure Relief Application  
  • Unique Seat Design Minimizes Leakage  
  • Tested for set point and leakage  
  • Materials:
    • Inlet, Piston, Spring Guide, Cap: Brass
    • Body: Cast Iron
    • Spring, Set Screws: Stainless Steel
NVR Series Vacuum Relief Valve Table